Recruitment Services
We follow a stringent recruitment procedure to ensure that client receives the candidates matching his job requirement. Our recruitment procedure is comprehensive, methodical, well organized and is result oriented.
On receipt of confirmed demand letter from the client indicating the categories, numbers required in each category, likely salaries and perks, we request the client to indicate the job description of the categories, where possible.
We scrutinize our databank to identify persons confirming to the specific requirement of the client. We do take advantage of our network to locate suitable candidates.
We contact the above short listed candidates to ascertain their willingness for the requirement, their availability.
For certain categories, when adequate number is not available in our databank, it is advertised on the net or in the newspaper to ensure adequate response for better choice.
Trade Test: The response of the newspaper advertisement is scrutinized and short listed candidates conforming to the client’s job specifications areas asked to present themselves for a trade test in recognized testing centre and an interview with our engineers.
The candidates are sent to the trade center for skill test and they receive their due certificate indicating level of his skill. Such trade test is conducted in the presence of our engineer or client’s representative.
Copy of the passport of the selected candidates is sent to the client to start the procedure for issuing the appointment letter and after obtaining acceptance of the candidate, the client starts processing for their visa.
Visa & Emigration: Visa stamping, emigration formalities in India and arrangement of travel reservation, on receipt of P.T.A / funds from the client are under taken by IMR.
At our end, the candidates are asked to undergo suitable medical examination.
With the visa available, the medical test already done, PTA received from the client, IMR makes the travel arrangements by the earliest possible flight, in line with client’s mobilization plans.
IMR arranges to obtain Immigration Clearance for the selected candidate.
After the selection by the client is completed, arranging the visa authorization is done by the client and it usually takes 2 / 3 weeks. On receipt of the visa, we normally require 10-12 working days for the person to take the flight to the destination country.
Guarantee: The candidates finally selected and deputed by us are on probation with the client as stipulated in their arrangement. IMR undertakes that if any of their selected candidates are unable to work as per the job specification, during the probation period, IMR will provide a replacement candidate without any additional cost to the client.
Final Interview: After Confirmed Demand Letter to holding of interview / trade test with client delegation or our engineer within 25 – 30 days.
Joining Duty: After receipt of Visa from the client to final departure of candidate within 10 – 12 working days, subject to airlines bookings.